Our Guides

Impactful Strategic Planning Guide

In our concise guide, you can learn why so many strategic plans fail to have an impact across their organization and how you can ensure your plan and planning process results in actionable, implementable goals.
5 Key Elements Worksheet

Use our simple project management worksheet to begin project planning and facilitate a discussion with your team or key stakeholders about key project elements.
Problem-Solving Meeting Agendas

Our guide includes meeting agenda templates designed to help managers and leaders target problems and challenges and move their teams toward solutions. 
Project Planning Checklist

Use our simple checklist to begin project planning, consider essential project elements, and develop a consistent project planning workflow.
Project Retrospective Worksheet

Use our simple worksheet with your project team to facilitate a discussion at project milestones or closing, gather lessons learned from key stakeholders, and improve future projects and collaborations.
Project Roles Guide

Use our simple worksheet and roles template to support assigning stakeholders clear and impactful roles in your project.
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